The Community-Police Trust Factors

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April 28, 2015 by newcommunityactionpac

St. Louis, MO – April 27, 2015 – Percy Green II, a long-time Community Activist, says: “Community trust in the police is not a given; the white police establishment’s so- called “Justice System” must earn it! Blaming black victims, public relation gimmicks, and stunts like “hot spot policing,” will NOT do it. Blacks and fair-minded whites are not stupid. Actions speak louder than words.”

Green said, “the only effective way to get African-Americans and fair-minded white people to trust the white police establishment in this country, especially in Ferguson and St. Louis, is when we see white police officers consistently being charged, indicted, convicted, and jailed for murdering unarmed black males and for other crimes that they commit against us. ”

“The white police establishment, according to Green, includes local mayors, prosecuting attorneys and judges, all who stand to benefit politically, economically, and socially from police officers’ criminal acts against blacks, mainly black males. Green added, “Black males in the eyes of this establishment symbolize CRIME. So, whatever hostility that is done to black males is viewed as a remedy to reduce crime. In other words, like a rat. A rat is looked upon in our society as being a threat and worthless to the public, so whenever one is killed, the community is better off…one less to deal with.”

Green adds, “the glue that prevents this white police establishment from being held accountable for its crimes and abuse of citizens is known in certain circles as prosecutory and judiciary immunity. Besides past events of abuses of authority, shortly after the August 9th murder of young Mike Brown by then Ferguson’s racist policeman, Darren Wilson…Mayor Francis Slay, Police Chief Sam Dotson, & Jennifer Joyce, Circuit Attorney, all representatives of the St. Louis’s white police establishment, became characters worth noting. They appeared to have taken a page from St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch’s book NOT to charge three white cop killers who murdered two black males, Kajieme Powell, 25 on August 19, 2014 and Vonderritt Myers, 18 October 19, 2014.”

“The ‘21 Foot Rule’ has been used by most police departments to justify their police shooting ‘knife-wielding’ suspects from that distance away. St. Louis City & County establishments have likely modified this ‘Rule’ to include unarmed suspects. The only purpose for such an application is to legitimize the shooting of black males as if we are some kind of ‘supermen,’ even though unarmed and 21 feet away.”

Green further explained, “according to many, many witnesses, none of these officers’ lives were ever in danger. Of course, black witnesses don’t matter either when they witness white cop killers’ murder black males. These cop killers quickly revert to the norm…they all typically claimed that they feared for their lives as justification for murdering these black men. None of these officers ever offer proof that they DID NOT have the ability to take cover during their encounter as an option before shooting and murdering these two black men.

Green said, “there are fundamental questions that need attention regarding policing in general: 1) Why is it easier for a white policeman to shoot and murder an unarmed black male and get away with it by only claiming he felt his life was threatened…than it is for an office staffer writing a racist inter-office memo that becomes public to keep her job? 2) How can a police officer establish that his life was threatened during an encounter without first showing proof that the ability to take cover was NOT an option? 3) Historically, how many unarmed black males have killed armed white police officers? 4) Do black males have more of a reason to be fearful for their lives upon the sight of white police officers than vice-versa, due to the huge number of cases where white police officers have brutalized and murdered unarmed African-Americans historically? 5) How would predominantly white communities respond if black police officers killed unarmed young white males in the manner that Michael Brown was gunned down and claimed their lives were threatened?”

“To bring about real trust”, Green said “ between the white police establishment and the community in St. Louis, Ferguson, and throughout the country, the following becomes necessary:

“1.) The white police establishment as defined here must be abolished with the removal of any appearance of immunities. No decision-maker of this establishment should be excused for breaking laws and/or abuse of authority and Not be criminally charged when their wrongful decisions cause extreme hardship. This would allow for mayors, police officers, prosecuting attorneys, and judges to be held accountable by the communities they serve. Official mandatory data collection with regard to race & gender by responsible decision-makers should be made available to the public.”

“The replacement police establishment should be diverse and racially reflect the community it serves. Members of this establishment should also live in the community they serve to remove the appearance of being an occupying force. Communities should elect their prosecuting attorneys and judges by a democratic electoral process.”

“2.) Since police officers are considered as first responders in crisis situations and are licensed to shoot and kill, an annual human-rights psychological fitness test should be initiated. In addition, officers determine who is arrested, when, and what charges are brought, whether justified or fabricated. An enormous amount of discretionary authority is given to police officers that are likely mentally ill and NOT educationally equipped. Too many times, white officers become the jury and executioner of black males, especially those that are unarmed. Whereas mental health is important in general, it is certainly important in deciding to shoot a person and possibly taking a life. Such a screening process would weed-out most of those officers who are either “trigger-happy” cowards or black-male haters by nature. This psycho-fitness test should be given annually to all armed officers and randomly to those officers whose unusual behavior is noticeds by supervisor or reported by other fellow officers. Officers found mentally unfit to perform regular policing duty should be terminated in the interest of community safety and supported in seeking another line of employment. The number of law suits and police brutality complaints would be reduced tremendously as well as white killer cops murdering black males.”

“3.) Police officers engaged in the shooting of any suspect should be publicly identified immediately by name and picture because an action was committed that is paid for by taxpayers. This will show an element of transparency within the department and not some kind of cover up or unwarranted protection. No police officer was forced become a law enforcement agent by his/her community. Policing is a paying job of choice that provides a local government community service, like firefighting, garbage pick-up, snow removal, etc. All community service jobs have some safety risk by virtue of job description and policy and procedures. That risk is compensated for in the pay rate. Therefore, the job of policing is no more important than other service jobs that taxpayers are paying for.”

In addition, Green explains by saying that it is sad that it took Mike Brown, a young black male, to be murdered in cold blood by white Ferguson police Darren Wilson,…white Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson igniting a Molotov cocktail with his murder cover-up by not demanding an immediate police report from Wilson…white Missouri Governor Jay Nixon who threw a Molotov Cocktail in the mix by ignoring the many calls to replace white St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert (Bob) McCulloch who decided to bring cop killer Wilson before his supporting County Grand Jury and him having a history of racist revengeful decisions against African-Americans…in addition Bob McCulloch himself throwing another Molotov cocktail into Metro St. Louis by stage-managing the grand jury to free killer cop Wilson of murdering Mike Brown…whose racist decision caused the collateral burning of Ferguson for the 2nd time that reinforced the awakening of the country to what most African-Americans and fair-minded whites have known since slavery, that white male local law enforcement is still used to lynch black males.

Green concludes saying that he doesn’t think that the current St. Louis areas’ white police establishment is willing to abolished its immunity factor to establish real community trust as long as it is profitable to them. The establishment will continue to attempt to use various public relations gimmicks to confuse the public to maintain their status quo. But it will not work. Mayor Francis Slay, Police Chief Sam Dotson, & Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, County Supervisor Steve Stenger, County Police Chief Jon Belmar, County Prosecutor Robert McColluch, and Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III have all had a hand in the murdering of black males with no consequences. All of them profit. White cop killers know that they will not go to jail for murdering a black male. All they have to say is that they feared for their life. White prosecuting attorneys will not prosecute a white police office who murdered a black male. White circuit court judges will not likely hold prosecuting attorneys in contempt for supporting a police office who has murdered a black male. Change will only come when police officers, prosecuting attorneys, and judges are indicted and jailed for their role in cover-ups and conspiracies related to supporting police officers’ murder of black males. In addition, blacks and fair-minded whites must not only go to the polls and replace mayors and other elected officials who have been the beneficiaries of these racist practices; they must increase civil disobedience protest and call for effective general work stoppages to make racism an economic liability.


*Note*: Percy Green II is the plaintiff in ‘Green vs. McDonnell-Douglas’ fair-employment landmark U. S. Supreme Court Case, May 1973, which established the basis in determining whether or not racial discrimination occurred under a pretext by the employer as charged. It is widely stated by legal scholars and experts that this case is the most cited law case in the United States.

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