Re: It’s Here at Last…But We Need Your Start-Up Support!!!

Dear Fed-Up Progressive Voter,

Here is what you have been waiting for…for a long time…a worthy organized body that will work tirelessly to replace ineffective local political leadership. The leadership that has a record of selling-out for personal gain, or is incompetent, and/or is NOT being productive in the community has to go. In other words, if we can not see progress or feel it, than it does not exist. Unrealistic promises will be looked upon as outright lies.

Introducing the New Community Action P.A.C., which is a grass-roots political action committee, hereafter to be referred to as NewCAP. NewCAP is a 100% volunteer, interracial group of seasoned progressive voters that has some know-how. Being a New effort, we need your financial start-up support of a $50 to $100 donation.

Click here to donate online or

Please make donation payable to:
P. O. Box 63023
St. Louis, MO 63163

NewCAP is committed to increase voter turnout. If only 14 to 20% of registered voters show up to vote, then NO wonder we have such poor political leadership. A small voter turn-out usually helps a BAD candidate. This is more responsible for hopeless leadership than anything else. Rip-off politicians depend on low voter turn out to be elected and reelected to office. This is where NewCAP plans to make a major difference.

NewCAP’s mission is to advance progressive causes. See our platform HERE. To be successful we must recruit, support, and elect progressive candidates, locally. Locally means Missouri municipalities, city & county, state & congressional elections.

“Action speaks louder than words.” NewCAP will support competent candidates and will increase voter turn-out at the polls. In addition, NewCAP will work hard to make your financial and volunteer support a great investment by our community actions.


Percy Green II


P.O. Box 63053
St. Louis, MO 63163



Paid for by New Community Action PAC, Susan G. Turk, treasurer
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