ACTION ReUnion 2017 SUPPORT the following Candidates on Tues. March 4, 2017

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March 5, 2017 by newcommunityactionpac

Lewis Reed for Mayor…Why? On the principle of Reed preventing a long-time race-insensitive & incompetent, incumbent mayoral candidate from NOT being challenged in 2013…nearly becoming elected mayor himself by 4000 votes…immediately announcing then (March 2013) that he would be challenging this unfit incumbent for mayor again in 2017 before the incumbent decided to drop his candidacy (April 2016), leaving Reed as the likely 3rd African American candidate to become mayor in 2017 by fair-minded white and black voters in St. Louis, MO.

Darlene Green for Comptroller…Why? Green has proven to be race-sensitive and competent over many years. She had developed and maintained a AAA performance rating by the financial experts since being in office.  Green keeps all city officials honest about expenditures of taxpayer’s dollars.

Sharon Tyus for 1st Ward Alderperson…Why? Tyus is passionate about representing her Ward to the extent that voting taxpayers will know the issues to cast an intelligent ballot. Tyus keeps her Ward informed by holding informative meetings. When Tyus was alderperson of the 20th Ward, before Mayor Slay & Co. unjustly moved it to south St. Louis to get rid of her representation, its voters had both the highest incomes and voter turnout of all the black led wards.

Velma Bailey for 3rd Ward Alderperson…Why? Bailey is a seasoned ward representative with good working people’s values. She is passionate about representing taxpayers in the Ward.

Megan M. Betts for 5th Ward Alderperson…Why? Betts is an associate of new young promising community leaders, 5th Ward Committeeman Rasheen Aldridge, and MO/78th District State Representative Bruce Franks. Many of these leaders were inspired by Presidential Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders, who called for more young adults to become more involved in decision making politics.

Megan Ellyia Green for 15th Ward Alderperson… Why? Green is the current alderperson that deserves to be re-elected. She was not only a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders for president, but one of his local contact representatives. Green is a passionate, outspoken alderperson who believe that taxation should NOT occur at any time without a vote of the taxpayers.

Joe Diekemper for 17th Ward Alderperson…Why? Diekemper is an energetic new community leader who will likely bring new approaches to community development in the ward. The incumbent ward leader seems to give developers excessive tax abatements that eliminate badly needed funds to public schools. Diekemper appears to listen well to complaints of taxpayers in the Ward. It’s about time for the Ward to have new leadership.

Lindsay Pattan for 19th Ward Alderperson…Why? Pattan is a new young progressive 19th Ward candidate who is associated with the political effort that got MO State Representative Bruce Franks elected. The incumbent candidate has one of the poorest voter turnouts for mayor of all 28 wards in 2013, only 14 %. Poor leadership. In addition, the incumbent showed she is very much out of touch with the needs of the Ward when she cosponsored a bill to reduce representation. Pattan has the Bernie Sander’s spirit and will and not likely to sell-out for personal gain.

John Collins Muhammad for 21st Ward Alderperson…Why?

Muhammad is a new young Ward candidate who has promising potential as a community leader. The Ward incumbent leadership had decided NOT to seek reelection. Muhammad seems to be far more up to the task than any of the other candidates to lead the Ward.

 Keena Carter for 27 Ward Alderperson…Why? Carter is a new Ward candidate that has years of decision-making experience. The Ward incumbent candidate is NOT seeking another term. Carter is likely to represent the Ward beyond the capacity of the other candidates seeking the election.


For the Upcoming StL Public School Board Election, April 4th

Vote for all three candidates:

1.) Susan R. Jones

2.) James Ira Reece

3.) Dorothy Rohde-Collins


 NOTE: ACTION ReUnion 2017, a civil/human rights consultant group, composed of former ACTION members and officiated by Percy Green II. ACTION was an interracial, 100% volunteer direct-action protest organization that conducted many acts of civil disobedience from 1965 to 1985 to enlighten the StL community-at-large.    

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