Fund for our Board of Education coalition candidates


March 15, 2017 by newcommunityactionpac


Consensus is coalescing around 3 candidates for the April 4, 2017 St. Louis City school board election who are either current or soon to be parents of SLPS students; Susan Jones, James Reece and Dorothy Rohde Collins.

All three have been endorsed by AFT St. Louis Local 420, the St. Louis Green Party, the Eighth Ward Independent Democrats, the St. Louis Schools Watch, Action ReUnion and New Community Action PAC.

Susan Jones, an incumbent running for re-election, has been described as a stabilizing influence on the Board of Education. Currently the president of the board, her career experiences in both business and education are assets. She has an MBA and an MA in Leadership from Webster University. Her daughter will enter SLPS this August.

James Reece, the parent of a Vashon HS honor roll student who is also a member of Vashon’s state champion basketball team, is president of the Vashon HS PTO. A graduate of Fisk University, Reece coaches chess and basketball to provide our youth with after school activities. Reece advocates for instilling more rigor in SLPS high school programs to ensure that all of our graduates are adequately prepared for college.

Dorothy Rohde Collins taught chemistry at SLPS’s Northwest Law Academy HS for 6 years. She has an MA in Education and an MA in Mental Health Practices In Schools from the University Of Missouri, a program which emphasized the design and implementation of school practices and procedures to optimize student mental health. She will advocate for improved professional development for teachers and staff. Her son will enter SLPS this August.
This fund has been established to raise money for signs advertising all 3 candidates for the April 4, 2017 election. All contributors will receive a sign if they indicate a desire to have one.  Please contribute whatever you can and thank you.

One thought on “Fund for our Board of Education coalition candidates

  1. Mark Mantovani enters the race for County Executive against Steve Stenger.

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